A little Explanation

Many Blog Systems nowadays seem that they can´t run, caused by to much Muscles they achieved. As seen on Wordpress ´s Example, CMS based Websites changed a lot over the last 10 Years. Other known Suspects like Drupal or Joomla were following. They all started as Blog Software (and they still are) changing Attitude and morphing into some CMS - Blog - Website - iwilldoanythingyoucanimagine System. Easy to install on Shared Hosting or on your own Server, documented by x-thousands of Tutorials and How-To´s.

So far, so good. By Growing and Gaining Users these Systems blown up as well, as you can see by the List of available Plugins or Themes to customize Your Blog (or Website). These may slow the whole Thing down (using to much Plugins) or even complicating it´s Administration (by not paying Attention to Updates), complicating Writer´s Life.

This is where Ghost comes up. Build on Node it introduces itself as a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your story with the world.

to be continued