This is what i think about Ghost

Build on Node it introduces itself as a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your story with the world.

After installing and testing it a Lot one Thing is crystal-clear: this Stuff is fast, very fast.

Writing Markdown in this beautiful Split-Screen with its real-time updating Preview is a wonderfull Experience, cause you see your Article growing as you write it. The Interface is clear and intuitive, so you can´t mess that much up. You can change Your Title, your Bio and your Profile and Header Image in the Settings - and of Course your Theme. Themes can be purchased on ThemeForest or on any other Theme Marketplace. There are even a lot of Ghost Themes for free. Hmm - you might wonder how to upload them? This is the tricky Part: if you don´t have your own Server where you can access directly and install all the Dependencies you need and upload your Themes you might using one of the few PaaS-Provider which are supporting Node - and also there you might have to handle Git Stuff or SSH Keys which can drive you Nuts.