How to start your own Ghost Blog with Ghosted

Log in on
You can register yourself as a new User with your Emailaddress, or log in using Twitter or Google+. After this you will find yourself logged in to your personal Backend. No Ghost Blog is active, but this will change soon.

Get your new Ghost Blog
Click on Create new Ghost !

Click on Get a new Ghost
You will see a loading Bar showing the Progress of your Ghost Blog Activation. After a few seconds your Blog will be ready and accessible!

You are done!
You can see your new Ghost Blog in your main Site. By clicking on the Button you can access it directly.

Use your Possibilities

On the right Side of any Ghost Blog Activation you can find your Admin Panel.

This includes the following Options:

  • Upload Themes
  • Set Host Header Names or your Home Domain
  • restart your Ghost Blog
  • Report a Problem
  • Delete it